Is  Playa Norte Beach a public beach?
Playa Norte is a large public beach on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. With its crystal clear waters, white sand, an area of ​​approximately 1100 square yards and shallow depth, it is one of the best relaxed places to enjoy in the Caribbean Sea.


Where is Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres located?
Playa Norte is located at the northern end of Isla Mujeres. This beautiful Island is located off the coast of Cancun. It is easily accessible by taking a ferry from three locations in Cancun, Puerto Juarez and the Cancun hotel zone (Playa Tortugas and Playa Caracol). It takes approximately 25 minutes to reach the  Isla Mujeres Maritime Terminal.


What are the ferry timetables?
Ultramar Ferry maintains its first daily service available at 5:30am. Your last departure from Isla Mujeres to Cancun is at 12:00am. Some locations have a different timetable.


How long does it take to walk from the ferry dock to Playa Norte?
Playa Norte is located at walking distance from the terminal, it’s a 0.4 mile walk, around 15 minutes. You also can take a taxi or rent a cart golf to drive to the beach.

Is Playa Norte a nudist beach?
Playa Norte is not a nudist beach. You may occasionally see topless women because it is a European vacation destination. Playa Norte is a family beach where everybody gets to enjoy the nature.


Which is the best company to rent a golf cart from?
The island is so small that you can drive around it in two hours. Visit this page to look for the best options to rent your golf cart.

Is Isla Mujeres safe?
Isla Mujeres is a very safe place, is a small friendly and tourist Island where locals help you feel like home.

Are there taxis on Isla Mujeres?
You can take a taxi in the ferry terminal. We suggest that you plan your trip in advance, the distances on the island are very short and many of the destinations can be reached walking. If you have heavy luggage and your hotel is not nearby, do not hesitate and take a taxi.